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The 2021 Richard M. Hogg Prize was awarded to James Stratton for his paper entitled "Where did wer go? Lexical variation and change in third-person male adult noun referents in Old and Middle English". 

Rhys Sandow received an honorable mention for "Interpreting identity effects in sociolinguistic variation and change: The role of identity in the usage and recognition of Anglo-Cornish dialect lexis".

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The 2020 Richard M. Hogg Prize was awarded to Raquel Romasanta for her paper entitled "Negation as a predictor of clausal complement choice in World Englishes". 

Maryam Nasseri received an honorable mention for "Is postgraduate English academic writing more clausal or phrasal? Syntactic complexification at the crossroads of genre, proficiency, and statistical modelling".

23rd March 2020

 Dear Colleagues

 Joensuu Conference 2020

 ISLE members will not be surprised to learn, that in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mikko Laitinen and his team have had to take the difficult and hugely disappointing decision to postpone this year’s conference.

 Mikko and his colleagues are posting/have posted various pieces of information about registration fees etc on the conference website, to which members should refer. More information about the rescheduled conference will follow in future communications.

 I know that Joensuu colleagues have taken this decision with very great reluctance, after exploring various options including going ‘fully virtual’. But after they had weighed up possible alternatives with much care, a postponement seemed the most appropriate way forward.

 As current president of ISLE, I should like to put on record that I agree entirely with this decision, which in the circumstances seems to me by far the best solution in the current circumstances. I should also like to thank Mikko and other Joensuu colleagues for the huge amount of work they have put into preparing for this conference so far; I appreciate how tough this decision will have been for them. When this episode is over, I will look forward eagerly to raising a glass with our good friends in Eastern Finland, and thanking them in person for everything they have done, and continue to do.

 I should also like to take this opportunity of saying personally to the whole ISLE community, and to their family and friends: at this difficult time, and in addressing the societal challenges that will undoubtedly follow, take care, and stay safe.

 Yours sincerely

 Jeremy Smith

(University of Glasgow)

President of ISLE