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Members of ISLE can choose to create a brief profile of their current research activities for publication on our website. Each profile may contain up to 5 'themes', and each theme may include any number of keywords.

We aim for this page to be a showcase of research in English Linguistics. It will enable members to get in touch with others working on related research topics.

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Language building in the digital era

We are leveraging on social media as a part of the tools to add to the word corpus of Dholuo language which is spoken in East Africa

  • Expires after: 01-01-2040
  • Keywords: Wager Dhowa,Language And Culture,Lexicology,Pragmatics

Letter writing in Late Modern English

Unlocking the Mary Hamilton Papers. A window onto eighteenth-century life, literature and language

  • Website:
  • Expires after: 31-12-2027
  • Keywords: Grammar Writing,Historical Sociolinguistics,Language Attitudes,Diachronic Variation,Prescriptivism,Standardization,Variationist Linguistics,Corpus Linguistics,Historical Correspondence,Pragmatics,Social Network Analysis,Socio-historical Linguistics

Constructing discursive opposition: a corpus study of negation in Ta-Nehisi Coates's discourse on race

I am a PhD student in English linguistics at the University of Bergen (Norway). My research focuses on negation strategies in oppositional discourse, specifically anti-racist discourse.

  • Expires after: 31-07-2026
  • Keywords: Corpus Linguistics,Discourse Analysis,Sociolinguistics,Pragmatics

Figurative language in Interpreting


Assessing the Manner of Speech in Australian Courts: A Study of English-Mandarin Professional Interpreters in Remote Settings

The mixed-method research study is funded by UNSW, investigating the manner of speech and other practical aspects of the accuracy of court interpreting in modes and modalities of remote settings.

  • Website:
  • Expires after: 26-03-2025
  • Keywords: Sociolinguistics,Pragmatics,Discourse Analysis,Translation And Interpreting Studies,Public Service Interpreting,Community Translation,Institutional Interpreting,Court Interpreting,Interpreter Education,Manner Of Speech,Language Learning

Benefaction and its interplay with related functions

Onomasiologically- and semasiologically-oriented corpus research on constructions expressing benefaction.

  • Expires after: 02-01-2025
  • Keywords: Alternations,Computer-mediated Communication,Internet Pragmatics,Linguistic Complexity,Semantics

English in Late Modern times

The aim is to take into consideration LModE usage in a range of previously unedited texts, especially as far as popular culture is concerned.

  • Expires after: 31-12-2024
  • Keywords: Historical Pragmatics,Historical Sociolinguistics,Geographical Variation,Early Business Discourse,Early Multimodality,Popular Culture,Entertainment

Constructionalizing Conversation: Collaborative Insubordination in English Language Podcasts

My PhD explores language use in podcasts through the lens of Interactional Construction Grammar.

  • Expires after: 26-09-2024
  • Keywords: Construction Grammar,Conversation Analysis,Insubordination,Pragmatics,Syntax,Spoken Language

Men Going Their Own Way

I study anti-feminist hate speech in the Manosphere community "Men Going Their Own Way", from a joint cultural studies and linguistics perspective.

  • Expires after: 15-05-2024
  • Keywords: Collocates,Corpus Linguistics,Critical Discourse Analysis,Discourse Analysis,Internet Pragmatics,Social Network Analysis

Pragmatics and Discourse

Pragmatics and Discourse

  • Expires after: 01-04-2023
  • Keywords: Pragmatics,Corpus Linguistics,English,L2 Pragmatics,Pragmatic Information In EFL Textbooks,Contrastive Pragmatics,Compliment Research,Internet Pragmatics,Statistical Methods Of Data Analysis In Applied Li,TEFL,English As A Lingua Franca

The linguistic profile of I think

Describing synchronic and diachronic structure and use of the comment clause "I think" from phonetics to pragmatics

  • Expires after: 20-11-2021
  • Keywords: Conversation Analysis,Corpus Linguistics,Data Analysis With R,Diachronic Linguistics,Grammaticalisation,Discourse-pragmatic,Phonetics,Prosody,Synchronic Linguistics

Transforming Early English

Historical pragmatics offers a powerful explanatory paradigm for the formal changes medieval English and Scots texts undergo as they are transmitted across time and space

  • Expires after: 31-07-2020
  • Keywords: English Historical Linguistics,History Of Scots,Philology,Historical Pragmatics,Written Language

Pragmatics of fiction

The language of fiction constitutes a complex and multi-level form of communication that includes communication between author and audience, and depicted communicative events.

  • Expires after: 31-12-2018
  • Keywords: Discourse-pragmatic