YouTube Channel

We are now hosting an ISLE YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@isle2008. We publish selected video material from our summer schools, conferences, and other events. 


New ISLE outreach formats to current and future members

(starting: September 2023)

  • Overall purpose: ISLE reaching out to its members (current and future), getting a communication going with and among ISLE members on current issues in teaching, research and societal impact relevant to people working in English linguistics at all career levels and regardless in which part of the world

  • Basic idea: once a month (September thru June each academic year) a 60-90 minutes Zoom slot on a fixed weekday (e.g. every 3rd Wednesday) and in 2 fixed time slots (serving the needs of different time zones: suggestion 6 p.m. CET and 8 a.m. CET)

  • Two alternating formats (where useful and agreed to by the participants, these sessions will be recorded):

Format 1: “ISLE Expert of the Month” (for expert consultancy on individual methods, theories or theoretical frameworks)

Format 2: "ISLE Forum" (for discussion and debate of questions and issues of potential relevance to all ISLE members; this will also be an important playing field and source of inspiration for ISLE’s Vice-Presidents Teaching, Research and Profession; moderated by an ISLE board member)


  • When? Beginning in September 2023
  • IMPORTANT: For suggestions of topics and people (volunteers!) for both formats: please, contact the new ISLE President Bernd Kortmann at president@isle-linguistics.org
  • Most welcome is both immediate feedback on this idea now AND continuously, in the course of the academic year 2023/24, once the first few ISLE interaction zoom sessions have taken place!! Please contact Bernd Kortmann or the ISLE secretary (secretary@isle-linguistics.org).

Details for the first slots (Sep thru Dec 2023) will be announced in the monthly ISLE newsletter for August or, at the latest, September. So, do watch out! And let’s try to make this idea a success! It’s all of us who are bound to benefit from it in multiple ways!