ISLE Conference

ISLE 6: Evolving English and the Digital Era

ISLE 6 will be proudly hosted by the University of Eastern Finland in early June 2021.


The conference is organized by the English section of the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu on June 2–5, 2021.

Credit: VisitKarelia.fiThe conference theme will be Evolving English and the Digital Era.

We will send the first circular in October, and the conference website with information of the plenary speakers will be open around the same time.

Welcome to Joensuu to enjoy our vibrant university town and cool white Nordic nights of North Karelia! 

Mikko Laitinen and Markku Filppula

Chairs of the organizing committee

Credit: Helka Riionheimo

2nd Circular


Kate Burridge (Monash University): Truthiness and the English language — popular perception and fall-out
Bruno Gonçalves (ISI Foundation): A spatio-temporal approach to linguistic studies through social media
Jack Grieve (University of Birmingham): Lexical change in Modern English
Terttu Nevalainen (University of Helsinki): 1066 and all that – a meta-analytic approach to Middle English


English linguistics in everyday life: Tips and tricks for achieving societal impact (convenor: Karen Corrigan)
Imparting knowledge: Workshop on the teaching of English linguistics (Kristin Bech)
Lesser-known varieties of English on social media (Jakob Leimgruber, Sven Leuckert, Sofia Rüdiger)
The march of data: English linguistics across disciplinary borders (Jukka Tyrkkö, Steven Coats, Veronika Laippala)
Studying children and adolescents in World Englishes: Rethinking paradigms and approaches (Thorsten Brato, Sarah Buschfeld, Mirjam Schmalz)
Rethinking English modal constructions: From feature-based paradigms to usage-based probabilistic representations (Ilse Depraetere, Bert Cappelle, Martin Hilpert)

1st Circular


Updated information from September 2020

Conference dates: 2-5 June 2021

Please also visit the conference website for further information:

Photo credits: 1&2:, 3: Helka Riionheimo

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