Please note that the Hogg Prize deadline has been extended to April 30, 2022. For more information on the prize, including length requirements, style sheet and previous winning papers, see

The next International Society for the Linguistics of English Summer School will take place between 4th and 8th July 2022. The meeting will address the theme: The Empire Speaks Back in a Postcolonial Dialect: Decolonising English Linguistics for the 21st Century. The ISLE summer school 2022 will be hosted by Prof. Karen Corrigan (current ISLE President). For more information see and

The deadline for application to the Richard M. Hogg Prize is on March 31, 2022. For further information see

As of June 2021, Mirka Honkanen has taken on the role of ISLE treasurer. The society is very grateful to Jakob Leimgruber for his dedicated work for the society!

The 2021 Richard M. Hogg Prize was awarded to James Stratton for his paper entitled "Where did wer go? Lexical variation and change in third-person male adult noun referents in Old and Middle English". 

Rhys Sandow received an honorable mention for "Interpreting identity effects in sociolinguistic variation and change: The role of identity in the usage and recognition of Anglo-Cornish dialect lexis".

As of October 2020, Sofia Rüdiger has taken over as new webmaster of the ISLE site. Many thanks to Thorsten Brato for his years of service to the ISLE community!

The 2020 Richard M. Hogg Prize was awarded to Raquel Romasanta for her paper entitled "Negation as a predictor of clausal complement choice in World Englishes". 

Maryam Nasseri received an honorable mention for "Is postgraduate English academic writing more clausal or phrasal? Syntactic complexification at the crossroads of genre, proficiency, and statistical modelling".