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Members of ISLE can choose to create a brief profile of their current research activities for publication on our website. Each profile may contain up to 5 'themes', and each theme may include any number of keywords.

We aim for this page to be a showcase of research in English Linguistics. It will enable members to get in touch with others working on related research topics.

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(Socio)Linguistic Effects across Political Borders

Long neglected as "unimportant" variation, political borders that cut across older dialect zones reveal interesting linguistic and sociolinguistic features that are very "real" for speakers


How can we describe language variation as a function of geographic space?

  • Expires after: 01-01-2030
  • Keywords: Dialectology,Dialectometry,Typology,Dialect Typology

Nigerian English, Nigerian Pidgin and World Englishes

I am interested in English grammar, pidgin and creole studies, World Englishes and sociolinguistics. I am willing to learn and develop professionally.

  • Expires after: 31-12-2019
  • Keywords: Grammar,Dialectology,Language Contact,Grammaticalisation,Lexical Variation,Multilingualism,Syntax,World Englishes,Sociolinguistics

Meowlogisms in Online Communitites

Cat inspired neologisms on Instagram, twitter, facebook, and in blogs

  • Website:
  • Expires after: 30-09-2019
  • Keywords: Dialectology,Sociolinguistics,Mass Media,Internet