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(Socio)Linguistic Effects across Political Borders

Long neglected as "unimportant" variation, political borders that cut across older dialect zones reveal interesting linguistic and sociolinguistic features that are very "real" for speakers

Variation in English World-Wide

Corpus-based studies on morphosyntactic variation in Englishes

  • Website:
  • Expires after: 01-01-2525
  • Keywords: World Englishes,Variationist Linguistics,Sociolinguistics,Registers,Corpus Linguistics

Morpho-syntactic variation and change

Integrating syntactic theory into variationist analysis of morpho-syntactic phenomena to understand the underlying structure of variation and the processes of change

  • Expires after: 01-01-2200
  • Keywords: Syntax,Variation,Language Change

Discourse-pragmatic variation and change

Variation and change in the use of discourse-pragmatic features such as question tags; discourse pragmatic effects in relation to syntactic phenomena

  • Expires after: 01-01-2200
  • Keywords: Discourse-pragmatic,Variation,Language Change

Quantitative variationist analysis

Quantitative analysis including mixed-effects modelling in R

  • Expires after: 01-01-2200
  • Keywords: Quantitative Methods,Mixed-Effects Modelling

Analysis of lexical complexity measures in academic and non-academic discourses

Analysis of different sets of lexical complexity measures including lexical density, lexical diversity/variation, lexical sophistication and lexical richness measures, methods of analysis, statistics

  • Website:
  • Expires after: 01-01-2080
  • Keywords: Lexical Complexity,Lexical Complexity Measures,Complexity,Lexical Density,Lexical Diversity,Lexical Variation,Lexical Sophistication,Lexical Richness,Linguistic Complexity,Corpus Linguistics,Academic Writing,First And Second Language Acquisition,Lexicology,Statistical Methods Of Lexical Analysis

Variation and Change in English

Grammatical and phonological variation in past and present varieties of English; functional conditioning; based on linguistic corpora and text databases; with a focus on quantitative methodologies.

  • Expires after: 31-12-2030
  • Keywords: Alternations,Constraints On Variation,Corpus Linguistics,Diachronic Variation,Historical Linguistics,Language Change,Phonology,Quantitative Methods,Variationist Linguistics,World Englishes,Grammar

Variation studies

I am interested in the interface between variation studies (synchronic and diabronic) and typology, geolinguistics, and psycholinguistics

  • Expires after: 01-01-2030
  • Keywords: Synchronic Linguistics,Diachronic Linguistics,Variationist Linguistics


How can we describe language variation as a function of geographic space?

  • Expires after: 01-01-2030
  • Keywords: Dialectology,Dialectometry,Typology,Dialect Typology

Exploring probabilistic grammar(s) in varieties of English around the world

The objective of the project is to understand the lectal plasticity of probabilistic knowledge of English grammar, on the part of language users with diverse regional and cultural backgrounds.

Phonological acquisition of variable input: bilingual children in multi-dialectal environments

My PhD project looks at variation in child-directed speech and its impact on phonological acquisition in bilingual children.

  • Expires after: 01-10-2021
  • Keywords: Phonetics,Language Acquisition,Sociolinguistics,World Englishes,Bilingualism,Variationist Linguistics

Acquisition, Variation, and Diachronic Change in and across English Amplifiier Systems

This research project focuses on the amplification of adjectives in English (e.g. very good, really nice) using a corpus-based quantitative approach.

  • Expires after: 30-09-2021
  • Keywords: Variation,Corpus Linguistics,Language Change,Quantitative Methods

Patterns of conversational interaction in varieties of English

The project investigates whether Caribbean and Southeast Asian varieties of English exhibit conversational patterns and to which extent these structures can be regarded as culturally sensitive.

Constraints on syntactic variation: noun phrases in early Germanic languages

The project (2017-2020) focuses on noun phrase word order in Old English, Old Norse (Old Icelandic and Old Norwegian), Old Swedish, Old High German, Old Saxon, and Gothic.

Syntactic Variation in Cape Flats English

A sociolinguistic approach towards (morpho-)syntactic variation in CFE.

  • Expires after: 01-04-2020
  • Keywords: Comparative Sociolinguistics,Sociolinguistics,Statistical Methods Of Syntactic Analysis,World Englishes,Variationist Linguistics,Syntax,Cape Flats English,South African English

Constructional variation

Usage-based approach to constructional variation across lects and registers

  • Expires after: 01-01-2020
  • Keywords: Construction Grammar,Corpus Linguistics,Cognitive Sociolinguistics

Abusive Language Online and Trolling

An examination of the stylistic variation in abusive language online and internet trolling using a novel form of multi-dimensional analysis for short texts.

  • Expires after: 30-09-2019
  • Keywords: Corpus Linguistics,Variation,Multidimensional Analysis

A Corpus based Comparison of Variation in Online Registers of Pakistani English

A PhD study on online and off-line registers of Pakistani English.

Variation and change in derivational vs. inflectional productivity

Similar variation and change occur in both derivational and inflectional productivity, supporting the hypothesis of a cline between D & I; hence measures of syntheticity should include derivation.

The English dative alternation

My research focuses on regional variation in the probabilistic constraints that shape variation between the ditransitive and the prepositional dative across nine national varieties of English.

  • Expires after: 02-06-2018
  • Keywords: Constraints On Variation,Synchronic Linguistics,Variation,Dialectology

Genitive Alternation Across Varieties of English

This study explores the underlying constraints that shape syntactic variation in new varieties of English.