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We aim for this page to be a showcase of research in English Linguistics. It will enable members to get in touch with others working on related research topics.

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(Socio)Linguistic Effects across Political Borders

Long neglected as "unimportant" variation, political borders that cut across older dialect zones reveal interesting linguistic and sociolinguistic features that are very "real" for speakers

Variation in English World-Wide

Corpus-based studies on morphosyntactic variation in Englishes

  • Website:
  • Expires after: 01-01-2525
  • Keywords: World Englishes,Variationist Linguistics,Sociolinguistics,Registers,Corpus Linguistics

Variation and Change in English

Grammatical and phonological variation in past and present varieties of English; functional conditioning; based on linguistic corpora and text databases; with a focus on quantitative methodologies.

  • Expires after: 31-12-2030
  • Keywords: Alternations,Constraints On Variation,Corpus Linguistics,Diachronic Variation,Historical Linguistics,Language Change,Phonology,Quantitative Methods,Variationist Linguistics,World Englishes,Grammar

Phonological acquisition of variable input: bilingual children in multi-dialectal environments

My PhD project looks at variation in child-directed speech and its impact on phonological acquisition in bilingual children.

  • Expires after: 01-10-2021
  • Keywords: Phonetics,Language Acquisition,Sociolinguistics,World Englishes,Bilingualism,Variationist Linguistics

Patterns of conversational interaction in varieties of English

The project investigates whether Caribbean and Southeast Asian varieties of English exhibit conversational patterns and to which extent these structures can be regarded as culturally sensitive.

English in Botswana

Aims to provide a phonetic-phonological description of English as spoken in Botswana.

  • Expires after: 31-12-2020
  • Keywords: World Englishes,English In Africa,Botswana,Phonetics,Phonology

Structural Nativization in Ghanaian English

Based on the Historical Corpus of English in Ghana and the Ghanaian component of ICE I show lexical and morphosyntactic nativization.

  • Expires after: 31-12-2020
  • Keywords: Ghana,Diachronic World Englishes,World Englishes,English In Africa,Corpus Linguistics

Exploring Polish EFL learners' accent preferences

The aim of this project is to investigate which accents of English language are preferred among the Polish learners of English as a foreign language.

  • Expires after: 31-12-2020
  • Keywords: Dialectometry,Dialectology,Dialect Typology,Diachronic World Englishes,Language Attitudes,Mixed Methods,Phonetics,Phonetics And Phonology,Phonology,Regional Dialects,Sociolinguistics

Nigerian English, Nigerian Pidgin and World Englishes

I am interested in English grammar, pidgin and creole studies, World Englishes and sociolinguistics. I am willing to learn and develop professionally.

  • Expires after: 31-12-2019
  • Keywords: Grammar,Dialectology,Language Contact,Grammaticalisation,Lexical Variation,Multilingualism,Syntax,World Englishes,Sociolinguistics