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This page is intended to be a resource for students and researchers in English linguistics. In due course we will add a moderated facility which will allow members to add their own links.


» American Dialect Society
» Dictionary Society of North America
» Philological Society
» Societas Linguistica Europaea

English grammar

» The Internet Grammar of English
» Dick Hudson’s Encyclopedia of English Grammar and Word Grammar

History of the English Language

» Elly van Gelderen’s page at Arizona State University
» History of the English Language
» HEL on the Web
» Studying the History of English

Varieties of English

» Studying Varieties of English
» Irish English Resource Centre
» Discover Irish

English Corpus Linguistics

» The Survey of English Usage
» The Oxford Text Archive
» Mark Davies’ website
» British National Corpus Web
» International Corpus of English
» Corpus Resource Database (CoRD)
» David Lee’s website
» WebCorp
» Corpus Frequency Wizard
» Linguistic Annotation
» Corpora and Corpus Annotation Tools
» Corpus and NLP tools
» Developing Linguistic Corpora, ed. Martin Wynne


» Lexicon of Linguistics
» Online Dictionaries
» Project Gutenberg
» The Linguist’s Search Engine
» The Google News Archive search
» English Dialects Online
» BBC Voices page
» BBC Sounds Familiar? Accents and Dialects of the UK
» WordNet: a lexical database for the English language
» The Cambridge Online Survey of World Englishes
» The World Atlas of Language Structures Online
» Glossary of Linguistic terms
» Glottopedia - a Wikipedia of linguistics
» Linguistics and Language Behaviour Abstracts
» Bibliographie Linguistique Online
» Virtual Linguistics Campus
» Yahoo Linguistics and Human Languages
» Rutgers Optimality Archive


» Summer Institute of Linguistics IPA fonts: Doulos SIL Font
» IPA chart
» IPA in Unicode


» Software on LINGUIST
» VoiceWalker
» Elan


» The English Project
» List of English Department home pages world-wide
» Online English Degree Resources


» Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English

Discussion lists

» The Linguist List
» Trellis

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